20 Hottest Viet Celebs of 2017

Now that 2017 is over, here’s a look back with a tribute to 20 of the hottest Viet Celebs of 2017.  This is in continuation of our annual series which began with 30 Most Beautiful Vietnamese Celebs of 2015, followed by 30 Sexiest Vietnamese Celebs of 2016.

Ladies First….

1. Ánh Minh:  Overseas Vietnamese Singer

2. Chi Pu:  Vietnamese Actress

3. Gaile Lok:  Hong Kong Model and Actress of Chinese and Vietnamese Descent

4. Hà Kiều Anh:  Former Miss Vietnam and Vietnamese Actress

5. Hiến Mai:  Vietnamese Actress

6. Mai Thu Huyền:  Vietnamese Actress and Film Producer

7. Mayko Nguyen:  Canadian Actress of Vietnamese Descent
8. Michelle Phan:  Vietnamese-American YouTube Celebrity Personality, Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur

9. Ngô Mỹ Uyên:  Magician and Former Miss Vietnam Titleholder

10. Ngô Thanh Vân:  Cinema of Vietnam Actress and Overseas Vietnamese Singer

11. Ngọc Quyên:  Vietnamese Actress and Model

12. Nhật Kim Anh:  Vietnamese Actress and Singer
13. Séverine Ferrer:  French Television Host, Singer and Actress of Italian and Vietnamese Descent

14. Ý Lan:  Overseas Vietnamese Singer

And Here Are the Men….

15. Andy Quách:  Overseas Vietnamese Singer

16. Benjamin Tang:  International Male Model of German and Vietnamese Descent
17. Huy Khánh:  Vietnamese Actor

18. Huy Vũ:  Overseas Vietnamese Singer

19. Johnny Trí Nguyễn:  Vietnamese-American Actor

20. Ngô Kiến Huy:  Vietnamese Actor and Singer