Next 25

Here are the next 25 Vietnamese celebrities to be featured. already has 400 bios of Vietnamese celebs posted.  After these 25 upcoming bios, the total will be 425.  Wow!

Thanh Kim Huệ:  Southern Vietnamese Folk Opera Actress

Duy Trường:  Overseas Vietnamese Pop Singer

Gaile Lok:  Hong Kong Film and Television Actress/Fashion Model of Vietnamese and Chinese Descent

Trường Giang:  Vietnamese Actor 

Trizzie Phương Trinh:  Overseas Vietnamese Singer

Trường Hải:  Vietnamese Singer/Songwriter

Ánh Minh:  Overseas Vietnamese Singer
Thanh Bùi:  Australian Pop Singer/Songwriter of Vietnamese Descent

Chi Pu:  Vietnamese Actress

Khánh Hoàng:  Overseas Vietnamese Singer and Radio Announcer

Ngọc Minh:  Vietnamese Singer and Former Cinema of Saigon Actress

Mai Tiến Dũng:  Overseas Vietnamese Singer

Kelly Marie Tran:  Vietnamese-American Film Actress

Huy Khánh:  Vietnamese Actor

Ngọc Huệ:  Overseas Vietnamese Singer

Anh Ngọc:  Legendary Vietnamese Singer  

Ngọc Hạ:  Overseas Vietnamese Singer

Jowan Le Besco:  French actor/scriptwriter of French, Algerian, Breton and Vietnamese Descent

Thủy Tiên:  Vietnamese Singer/Actress

Hoàng Dũng:  Amerasian Overseas Vietnamese Singer

Phương Hồng Hạnh:  Vietnamese Singer

Ðặng Thế Luân:  Overseas Vietnamese Singer
Lana Condor:  Vietnamese-American Actress

Ngô Kiến Huy:  Vietnamese Singer/Actor 

Chiêu Phương:  Overseas Vietnamese Singer