Chi Pu

Chi Pu (1993-    ) is a famous Vietnamese actress, model and film producer.

She was born as Nguyễn Thùy Chi on June 14, 1993 in Hanoi.  Her father worked as a miltiary officer.  Her mother was a school teacher.  At the age of 16, Chi Pu entered the Miss Teen Vietnam beauty pageant.  Although she didn’t win, the exposure Chi Pu received as a semi-finalist landed her a modeling contract.  For the next year, she modeled for various fashion magazines and clothing companies and earned herself the unofficial title of being Vietnam’s Hotgirl.  In 2010, Chi Pu made her acting debut with a guest appearance in the television sitcom, Bộ Tứ 10A8, starring Cường Seven.  In 2013, her acting career took off as she landed roles in two television movies, Giọt Nước Rơi starring Hồng Đăng and Giấc Mơ Hạnh Phúc starring Mạnh Quân, two feature films, Thần Tượng starring Vĩnh Thụy and Hương Ga starring Huỳnh Anh, and a short film, Cô Gái Trên Tầng Thượng, in which she had also produced.  The following year, Chi Pu was honored with a Cánh Diều Vàng Award (Golden Kite Award), Vietnam’s equivalent to an Academy Award, for best short film for her work in Cô Gái Trên Tầng Thượng.  From 2013 until 2015, Chi Pu starred in the popular Vietnamese television sitcom, 5S Online.  In 2015, she starred in the highly rated Vietnamese television mini-series, Vẫn Có Em Bên Đời, opposite actor Nhan Phúc Vinh.  Among her other feature film credits include Chung Cư Ma (2014), Yêu (2015) starring Gil LêVệ Sĩ Sài Gòn (2016) starring Thái Hoà and LALA: Hãy Để Em Yêu Anh, a joint Vietnamese-Korean production.

Chi Pu was formerly in a romantic relationship with singer/actor Cường Seven for three years.